August 3, 2020 Cycling Stories 0 Comments

COVID lockdown, jammed vehicles Stirred to expose my old bicycle My old parents had exigency of medicine I remember Didn’t forget  In the scorching June noon On rough and ruined road People scoffed at me For being a...


June 24, 2020 Cycling Stories 1 Comment

No torment so sweet As a brand-new bicycle Confined to the house As the rain falls.  The spotless silver chain, Those glossy black tyres That smooth, gleaming paint: I cannot do it –  Something within...

Biking Story

June 22, 2020 Cycling Stories 0 Comments

[Intro]   [Verse 1] Riding my bike leaving the city      Everybody thinks that I’m crazy      Trying not to care what they say      I keep doing what makes me happy   [Verse 2] Sunny day burns up my spirits      Blue...

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