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What products and services do we write about on

If it relates to bike accessories, parts, or gear, it’s up for grabs. This includes:

  • Tires, inner tubes, flat prevention strategies, the latest in valve technology, and components like rim tape and tire levers
  • Clothing, including shorts, pants, jerseys, socks, gloves, jackets, arm/leg warmers, and caps
  • Safety-oriented equipment like lights and bells
  • Technology, including computers, Bluetooth-connected parts, and smartphone apps
  • Components—everything from cranks and pedals to saddles and shifters
  • Miscellaneous (but important) items such as bar tape, smartphone holders, fenders, saddle bags, and so forth
  • Tools that can help make your bike upkeep easier and more enjoyable
  • Up-and-coming crowdsourced releases

In many instances, our content will include first-person, hands-on feedback. In others, it will solely involve a compilation of data provided by third-party online resources, including professional and customer feedback. If we tested it ourselves, we’ll emphasize this point in the content.

Why bike accessories?

To help maximize your biking enjoyment and save you time and money in the process, TreadBikely’s reviews, hands-on tests, guides, and news articles can act as down-to-earth, information rich resources to help you make better buying decisions.

What types of content are available?

Visitors to gain free access to practical, actionable information about bike accessories, parts, and gear via four types of original content:

  1. Product and service reviews based on firsthand experience, as well as those created using publically available, third-party information
  2. Articles and guides; everything from tire basics and how-tos, to explanations of different manufacturing processes
  3. Original stories that focus on cycling’s ability to foster mindfulness and compassion
  4. Reader responses to these reviews, columns, articles, and guides

What are the goals of each piece of content hosted on

Cumulatively, we’re here to help inform cyclists from all backgrounds and provide them with the familiarity they need to make better decisions about where to spend their hard-earned money. After all, bike parts, gear, and accessories aren’t cheap.

TreadBikely is also about promoting discussion, sharing ideas, advancing understanding, building a knowledge base, and ultimately helping everyone experience the bliss that only a bike—with the proper setup—can deliver.

How do we choose which products to write about on TreadBikely?

The inspiration to write about the products and services listed on can spring from many sources.

For example, we might have used it ourselves, or it might have piqued our interest at a recent visit to a local bike shop or trade show.

Perhaps the product or service is particularly newsworthy, related to recent events, or was unveiled in a press release. In many instances, the idea may stem from a trending search term among online consumers.

Are you paid to write about any of the products or services listed on

No. For details about how we cover some of the costs associated with running this website, please see our Advertising Disclosure.

When it comes to reviewing bike gear, parts, and accessories, which factors does TreadBikely include?

When writing and formulating our analysis about bike parts, accessories, and gear, we consider many criteria, whether based on first-person experience or cumulative third-party online data. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Ease of use
  • Durability
  • Construction and parts quality
  • Overall performance—if this matches the manufacturer’s advertising claims, and if these line up with their target audience
  • Manufacturer specifications
  • Feedback from other professional reviews
  • Feedback from other cyclists
  • Additional factors, as needed

Why are readers allowed to provide their feedback about products and services reviewed on, as well as in articles and guides?

According to the 2016 Pew Online Shopping and E-Commerce Survey, 74% of Americans say it’s important to “read reviews posted online by others who have purchased the item.” Furthermore, the survey revealed:

  • 82% “consult online ratings and reviews when buying something for the first time.”
  • 40% “nearly always turn to online reviews when buying something new.”
  • 46% think customer reviews “help “a lot” to make [them] feel confident about their purchases.”
  • 45% feel that consumer reviews help companies maintain accountability to their customers

In short, honest, legitimate online customer feedback is central when making any buying decision, whether related to bike accessories or otherwise. As such, it’s our duty to include your voice in the conversation.

Is every comment submitted to TreadBikely moderated or edited prior to publishing?

All comments are moderated to ensure they’re clear, genuine, and relevant to the conversation (e.g., no spam ads).

We don’t edit comments, except in the rare instance when it’s necessary for clarity, to replace hate speech or vulgar language, or to correct spelling, grammatical, or mechanical errors. Our priority is to ensure that the commenter’s opinion—or the nature of their content—isn’t changed.           

Because of this process, it can take up to seven (7) business days between the time a comment is first submitted and when it’s posted on All comments are assessed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

What happens if I want to delete my comment or product feedback on TreadBikely?

If you have a comment, question, or request (response deletion or otherwise), please submit a request via our Contact page or send us an email.

Page last updated December 5, 2019

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