Submission Guidelines

TreadBikely’s stories are all about seeing cycling from your perspective! Note: We never share your information with anyone. All work submitted is the property of TreadBikely.

When it comes to submissions, we’re fairly open: You don’t need to be the next Thoreau, and we can accept a variety of styles and formats.

However, before submitting a Word document to, there are a few guidelines you’ll need to keep in mind:

What Types of Content Will TreadBikely Publish?

We’re looking for original articles and stories—ones that haven’t been published elsewhere, whether online or off—that focus on everything cycling encompasses: the struggle to improve, the thrill of overcoming, and the agony of setbacks.

We want to read about your cycling experiences, through your eyes, and from a compassionate, mindful perspective. If you feel your piece adds to the discussion, we welcome your submission.

TreadBikely can also post original artwork along with your piece if you choose.

What Are Some Writing Prompts?

We can accept most work, as long as it relates to cycling. Here are a handful of potential writing prompts to get you started:

  • How did you discover cycling?
  • What’s your first cycling memory?
  • How does cycling make you feel?
  • What role does cycling play in your life? Why?
  • How has the sport changed you for the better?
  • Have you been on any biking adventures? If not, what would be ideal?

Are There General Editorial Guidelines for Submitted Content?

We consider your work art, so TreadBikely is relatively lenient about form and formatting. In general, though, stick to these rules before sending your email:

  • Your work should be grammar and spell-checked
  • Brevity is better than wordiness
  • No violence or hate speech
  • Keep vulgarity to a minimum, and only when it adds to your story
  • While poems, etc. can be shorter, stories and essays should be at least 500 words, with a maximum of 5,000 words (we have some flexibility)
  • The document should not contain any external links or promotional wording for a website, product, or service. If you’re interested in advertising on TreadBikely, please send an email to

Please also attach a short bio (we can include one relevant external link, when applicable), along with your picture if you choose.

Will TreadBikely Change Your Piece?

We may slightly change your work to maintain consistency with the general guidelines above, and/or to enhance consistency and clarity.

We will also remove any outside links, other than for your website (when applicable) in your bio.

Does TreadBikely Accept All Submitted Work?

After submitting your piece, please allow up to two weeks for it to be published on

We retain the right to reject any submitted pieces at our discretion. If this occurs, we’ll email you let you know, along with the reason. In some circumstances, you may be able to edit a rejected piece and resubmit for consideration.

Does TreadBikely Provide Compensation For Submitted Content?

Other than our current writing contest, TreadBikely does not compensate authors for their original pieces. This is something we will plan to explore in the near future.

Do You Have Additional Questions About TreadBikely’s Submission Guidelines?

If so, please send an email to We’ll be in touch shortly.

Last updated: December 20, 2019


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