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TreadBikely Is a Free Resource For Everyone

All content hosted on is free and accessible by anyone with an Internet connection, including our first-person reviews, third-party write-ups, articles, and guides. There’s also no charge for visitors to leave comments, feedback, or ratings on any of this content.

TreadBikely’s Business Relationships

If a company approaches us and requests a written review in exchange for relevant, low-or-no cost products or services, we may oblige—if we feel it will benefit our readers. However, it’s important to emphasize:

  • This doesn’t ensure our favorable feedback, and
  • We will always explicitly disclose these instances in any related content.

Outside of this and unless otherwise noted, TreadBikely has no financial relationships with any of the companies or services listed on this website.

How TreadBikely Earns Money

As with any other business, there are costs associated with TreadBikely’s operation. These include (when applicable) purchasing cycling parts, accessories, and gear; performing in-depth—and often long-term—testing and research, website hosting and development, and content creation, to name just a few.

To help cover some of these costs, visitors to will encounter limited advertising from two different sources, depending on pages accessed:

1. Google AdSense

Located at the top and right side of some of our website pages, visitors will encounter banner advertisements. While TreadBikely chooses the placement of these ads, they’re independently generated by the Google AdSense Program’s proprietary algorithm and are contextual.

Google explains this means that what you see is uniquely based on a combination of your browsing history, the general topic of the page you’re visiting, the personal information you’ve added to your Google account, and their “estimation of your interests.” To learn more about Google AdSense or to manage your settings, click here.

The TreadBikely team has no control over which advertisements you see. We also do not have business relationships with any of the third parties shown in these advertisements.

With these details in mind, if you voluntarily click on these advertisements, TreadBikely will earn a small commission (Google doesn’t reveal how much we’ll make per click in advance), based on their undisclosed algorithms.

2. Amazon Associate

Located at the bottom of some reviews, visitors may encounter Amazon advertisements for the specific product discussed in the article.

We include these links only on the actual product review page, and solely when we believe readers will achieve a high level of value for their money, based on our first-hand testing and/or a combination of online customer and professional feedback.

However, this does not mean that TreadBikely recommends these products over any others (unless specifically noted in the content), or otherwise promotes them.

With this said, if a visitor voluntarily decides to buy via one of these links, as an Amazon Associate Treadbikely will earn from qualifying purchases.


TreadBikely is a no-cost resource that only earns money from Google’s AdSense and Amazon’s Associate programs, and only when site visitors voluntarily click on these contextual and product-specific advertisements.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at

Page last updated January 22, 2019

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