Cycling Stories

Bicycles are a common denominator among almost all of us, regardless of the part of the world or the culture in which we live.

Whether for work, transportation, fitness, enjoyment, or all of the above, bikes, specifically — and the experience of pedaling two wheels, generally — binds us together.

Here, we explore the cycling experience from riders all over the globe, by sharing their stories and the unique perspectives that only biking provides.

Bike Trip

October 14, 2020 Cycling Stories 0 Comments

With fall and winter approaching, work in Bar Harbor, Maine slowed, and I decided to take the winter off. My daughter was in college in Bellingham, Washington, and...

Quickly, I Move

October 7, 2020 Cycling Stories 0 Comments

Quickly I move, Down the valley I go. And then...I lose control, And down the valley I roll.  My bicycle follows suit, Its parts dismantle one by one. Blood oozes out of my knees, Excruciating pain...


October 2, 2020 Cycling Stories 1 Comment

The caress of the sun against my face  The hum of birds chirping and leaves blowing  The scent of still-damp soil from the rain that poured the previous...

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