Cycling Stories

Bicycles are a common denominator among almost all of us, regardless of the part of the world or the culture in which we live.

Whether for work, transportation, fitness, enjoyment, or all of the above, bikes, specifically — and the experience of pedaling two wheels, generally — binds us together.

Here, we explore the cycling experience from riders all over the globe, by sharing their stories and the unique perspectives that only biking provides.

Summer Nights

With the lights of the pier Poking the smooth sunset In the eye I ride  Past the hens Clucking as I tick melodically A euphoric metronome Keeping in time with my favourite home  I love this city And...

She Runs

Her toes are dancing with excitement, like a tango inside her shoes. She sways like a willow in the whirling wind; her palms perspiring against the handlebars.   Having...

Name Him Jack

My dad had a bicycle he loved so much,  almost a human Jack by name.  Every morning, when was on his way out, he would say,  “Jack, are you ready to go with...

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