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October 2, 2020



The caress of the sun against my face 

The hum of birds chirping and leaves blowing 

The scent of still-damp soil from the rain that poured the previous night 

The vista of beautiful apple trees stretching into the horizon across the fields I zoomed through 

The cooling summer breeze on my face 

Rapidly, I pedal past  

Rapidly, I leave behind Calm spirit 

Yearning hope  

Craving adventure  

Liberty at last 

Exhilarating peace 

A foot rotation, an intoxicating sense of freedom 

A foot rotation, tranquility 

I have never felt peace like so … 

A wave of serenity washes gracefully over me as my senses inhale the tiniest of details. 

I feel as light as the wind that follows me 

I slowly let go of all fear, spreading my arms on either side 

And for a moment 

I am flying 

I am the wind 

Tiara Dias is an Angolan International Business Economics student living in Budapest, Hungary who’s passionate about writing and recently published her first novel, Sordea.
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  1. Amona Major

    such a beautiful poem, the imagery is really catchy.

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