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Be Brave

October 9, 2020

Be Brave

I deserve the sadness, don’t I? 
Because I can’t pick myself up 
I can’t just go and do it 
Like a scared, little pup 

My dreams are not big 
I just want to ride a bike 
To feel the wind in my hair 
And to do what I actually like 

I want to ride far and high 
To go to a mountain and beach 
Just me on my cycling spree  
Somewhere where no one can reach 

But I always put myself down 
Because everyone thinks I’m mad, 
All they say is have a stable job 
And you will never be sad 

But they are all wrong I know, 
Cycling is something that I adore 
It’s in under my skin and nails 
Rooted deep in my core 

One day I’m running away 
Far from these doubts and fears 
One day I will be strong and brave 
And regret all my wasted tears.

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