Cycling Stories

Black Pearl

August 1, 2020

Black Pearl

Going on the same ride 
My companion is in vain 
Time’s not a problem, nor any season 
I call her ‘black pearl” for some reason 
The same two wheels that slide 
I pedal up the hill so well 
Wonder why it’s called so hard 
To cross the emotional hell 
I can balance it through a narrow path 
But how it’s done with shallow heart 
Rage upwards the hill, and joy of coming down 
Afore clear sky’s embracing wet ground 
The wind that sings in my ears 
Why they don’t help me with tears 
Just like the chain keeps wheel going
How to pull myself together while growing 
“Black pearl” has heart you see, for sure 
I can feel myself, yet that’s the best cure 
Scars that I got while I fell down 
Aren’t same as when I got the crown 
Breeze shivering my forearms 
Calves stretched while counting miles 
Thoughts race amid others and me 
Cycling taught me, you pass only yourself in the infinite seal

Siddhesh Kulkarni is an engineering student in Pune, India, who enjoys reading, writing, cycling, yoga, and exploring the world.
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