Cycling Stories

Biking Story

June 22, 2020

Biking Story


[Verse 1] Riding my bike leaving the city 

    Everybody thinks that I’m crazy 

    Trying not to care what they say 

    I keep doing what makes me happy  

[Verse 2] Sunny day burns up my spirits 

    Blue sky gives me good vibes  

    Sing with nature, forget the chaos 

    Just leave behind all the tears 

[Bridge] No maps, no GPS 

   I don’t need any clues 

    No plans, no rules 

    I just need two wheels 

[Chorus] Keep biking to feed my soul 

  To breath, to laugh, and to heal 

   Keep biking to feed my soul 

  To live, to love, and to feel 

[Verse 3] So many roads to explore 

    Oh what a great adventure 

    Riding faster with no fear  

    Oh yes I’m now happier   

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Sulastri Panjaitan (“Lastri”) is a university student majoring in English Language Education at Syiah Kuala University in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. She loves singing, playing guitar, writing fantasy stories, and reading books in the corner of her room.
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