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June 24, 2020



No torment so sweet 
As a brand-new bicycle 
Confined to the house 
As the rain falls. 

The spotless silver chain, 
Those glossy black tyres 
That smooth, gleaming paint: 
I cannot do it – 

Something within me rebels 
At the very thought 
Of knowingly exposing her 
To what’s out there: 

Bleak roads all awash 
Seeded with needle-tipped flints 
Slathered with churned filth 
Potholes like bomb craters. 

Fear not, my lovely. 
The moment will come 
When, under blue skies, 
We finally get acquainted

Since first submitting his poetry in January, 2014, 20 of Joy deep Saha’s poems have been published in print and online journals. He is a member of a club named “The Society of Poets,” and his favorite hobbies are writing poems, books, and articles on various topics.
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  1. sreedevi. g mahapatra

    Hi Joy Deep, loved your poem especially the last stanza which has such a romantic feeling and wish somebody would take me too "under the blue skies"

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