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Tortoise and the Hares

May 14, 2020


Tortoise and the Hares

Dodging puddles, potholes, sodden leaves,  
A tortoise shell on my back. 
Biking amidst autumn morning rush,  
Breathing builds the heat I lack. 

Traversing intersections blithely, 
The hums of hares feel neural.  
Hot tails fussing at my sterling air, 
But yet I have no quarrel. 

Such is the journey of the moments 
They’ve lost in their steel cages; 
Void of musky breeze or sprinkle’s rain,  
No leaves from nature’s pages.  

Slipping off my shell, I join the race; 
It’s not bad, except sometimes.  
The hares hop and stop, vie for a spot. 
My heart is full, life sublime. 

Emily Kort is a writer living in Maui, Hawaii.

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