Name Him Jack

My dad had a bicycle he loved so much,  almost a human Jack by name.  Every morning, when was on his way out, he would say,  “Jack, are you ready to go with...

Tortoise and the Hares

Dodging puddles, potholes, sodden leaves,  A tortoise shell on my back. Biking amidst autumn morning rush,  Breathing builds the heat I lack.  Traversing intersections blithely, The hums of hares feel neural.  Hot tails fussing...

The Note

April 22, 2020 Cycling Stories 0 Comments

Zavier tightened his helmet's strap and pulled on his cycling gloves. He quickly checked for his keys and wallet then swung his leg over his pride and joy,...

As I Cycle Home

April 9, 2020 Cycling Stories 0 Comments

As I cycle home, my colleague sits At the bus stop  Reaching out to high-five me as I pass. Trying to clap his hand I lose control  Of the handlebars  With the remaining arm...

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