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As I Cycle Home

April 9, 2020


As I Cycle Home

As I cycle home, my colleague sits 
At the bus stop  
Reaching out to high-five me as I pass. 
Trying to clap his hand 
I lose control  
Of the handlebars  
With the remaining arm I have 
Steering the bike 

As the tips of my fingers feebly  
Slap his own 
My front wheel twists  
To the right  
And I veer off 
Over the bars 
And I Flip 
Head first  
Onto the ground 

My back wheel
Scrapes the concrete 
In an arc of 
Ninety degrees 
And with my torso thrust 
Into the road  
The frame remains  
Between my legs 

A moment spent  
On the ground 
And pulling  
My trapped leg  
From the mangled mesh 
I swiftly rise  
From the scene  
Of the crash

And I look  
At my colleague  
And ride off. 

Adam Davies is a London-based musician, writer, and cyclist. When not busy playing guitar for Tiffany Twisted, he spends his time writing, composing, and speeding through the streets of London on his mountain bike. You can find him on Instagram @theagdavies.
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