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Back in the Saddle

April 3, 2020

Back in the Saddle

Alone in a dark corner of the shed, it sat untouched for years, until one day it caught my eye. I don’t know why that day was different, but I suddenly had an urge to ride off into the sunset.

“You never forget how to ride a bike,” they said.

I fell on my face the first time I tried.

Memories of my ten-year-old self riding, the wind in my face, pushed me to keep trying.

“You see, it’s like you never stopped,” they said. And they were right.

A little wobbly at first,

Steady and confident now as I head out at sunrise.

Down the highway with the forest on one side, the sea on the other.

Early morning commuters fly by on their way to the city, while I head for the seashore.

A family of deer cross before me, so close I can reach out and touch them.

Above me, two eagles soar unblocked by the interior of a car.

Small talk with the papergirl, mailman, and several dog walkers,

Only possible via the slow pace of two wheels instead of four.

I leave the pavement and morning commuters behind me.

A wooded trail along the water with the cool morning breeze on my face and neck

Makes for a better ride than the sound of engines and the smell of exhaust.

At the end of this trail, a lighthouse towers over the harbor,

Her protective light illuminating the places the rising sun hasn’t reached yet.

Here, I will sit and listen to the waves until the sun is high in the sky, and the real world calls me back.

The real world, where I become one of those commuters on four wheels.

Dreaming of the next time my two wheels will take me away from the rat race for a little while.

Andrea MacEachern was born and raised on beautiful Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. After a decade-long hiatus from the island, she returned to her roots. She settled in downtown New Waterford where she enjoys cycling, blogging, writing, photography, traveling, and spending much of her time exploring the outdoors.
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