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Wings to Fly

April 20, 2020


Wings to Fly

As I sailed across the top of the Iyiegbuoma crooks, 
My mind sailed through the twists of fate that gifted me these lovely wings to fly. 

Mama Nnukwu, as my beloved Grannie is fondly called, 
Took the bull by the horns and on the door of Mr. Bradley, went knocking. 

“And what can I do for you,” she recollected him ask when he opened the front room door. 
Looking imploringly into his face, yet with the dignity of an ancient African queen, she stretched out her hand and said; 

“Here, this is the total of my savings for the past ten market weeks. 
I wish to purchase a bicycle just like yours for Chukwuebuka, my grandson. His life’s ambition has become to ride a bicycle just like yours.” 

“Chukwuebuka has been my anchor since I lost my only child, his mother, to the cruel hands of death, who left neither my daughter nor her baby girl alive during her travails in childbirth.” 

“Chukwuebuka was just six when we were hit by this great loss, but my boy became a man overnight. He takes care of me, our house, and the farm with so much zeal.” 

“Chukwuebuka will be sixteen years old when the mango fruits start ripening, so I wish to present him with a brand-new bicycle just like yours, Onye nkuzi.” 

Mama Nnukwu recalled that Mr. Bradley smiled and looked at the few Naira notes in her hand, 
Told her that she should pay when he delivered the goods. 

And so, good old Mr. Bradley, in keeping to his word, delivered a brand new bicycle to our doorstep on the eve of my birthday. 

A name I will not forget was written on the frame of the bicycle; ‘Schwinn.’ 
My joy knew no bounds. Mr. Bradley, who refused to take Mama Nnukwu’s money, taught me how to operate and ride my bicycle. 

Overnight, my life changed! 
My bicycle became my ride, and my friend. I saw the indulgent looks exchanged by Mama Nnukwu and Mr. Bradley the day I announced that I would be the fastest rider in Africa. 

They did not believe me, but I know I will get there. 
I may be a sixteen-year old boy from the African hinterlands, 
But, make it, I will… the world will hear of me… Chukwuebuka, the fastest rider on Earth! 

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