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Walz Caps Review

January 18, 2019


Walz Caps Review

Walz Caps $28.99 - $49.99


Walz is a small company that knocks it out of the park when it comes to the fit, finish, durability, and affordability of their cycling caps. And if you’re dissatisfied, they offer a robust satisfaction guarantee.

  • Comfort
  • Fit
  • Price
  • Effectiveness
  • Quality
  • Custom Ordering Ease
  • Overall Impression


  • Many different designs available
  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Very durable
  • Build-a-Cap site feature is super easy to use, with quick turnarounds
  • Outstanding firsthand experience
  • Many third-party online cyclists seem to report much of the same


  • Like any cycling product, these caps won’t meet everyone’s needs
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I’ve worn my Walz cycling cap for six months. What have I learned? We’ll discuss everything in this article!

About Walz Caps

Based out of Oceanside, California and in business since 2010, Walz Caps manufactures high-quality cycling products available in a variety of creative designs and textiles.

When it comes to their caps, materials include wool, cotton, and performance fabrics, each of which you can customize—and even embroider—to meet your preferences and personality.

Are you looking to purchase Walz caps for yourself or your entire team? Are they worth the money? I’ve ridden with mine for more than six months. Below, I’ll outline my experience so you can figure out if they’re the right choice for you.

Beforehand, though, let’s quickly take a look at the company’s caps lineup.

Which Cycling Caps Does Walz Offer?

Walz offers three different classes of cycling caps available in Small/Medium and Large//Extra Large sizes:

Walz Classic Cycling Caps

Cotton ($28.99 – $32.99) – Made from ultra-durable poly/cotton blend fabric, which they claim offers the perfect fit and is stitched to withstand 1,000 washes. Three, 4, and 5-panel options are available, depending on the version.

Lightweight Technical ($28.99 – $29.99) – Made from a lightweight cotton/poly technical ‘ProGrade’ fabric that wicks moisture and maximizes breathability. Three and 4-panel versions are available.

Wool ($39.99 – $46.99) – Three and 4-panel, three-season wool cycling caps offered in houndstooth, herringbone, tweed, and plaid designs. Some even offer earflaps for extra warmth. Regardless of the design, all Walz wool caps feature a sewn-in moisture-wicking band.

Merino Wool ($42.99) – Made from a premium, ultra-thin, super-lightweight imported merino wool that Walz advertises as “nature’s miracle fiber.” Together, we’re told it’s ideal for controlling body temperature, maintaining breathability, and wicking away moisture. Three and 4-panel versions available.

Marquee ($39.99 – $49.99) – Cotton and wool 3-panel designs where you can choose up to 2-4 letters that appear on the cap’s front panel.

Build-a-Cap ($32.99 – $44.99) – The sky’s the limit! Choose between cotton (3 and 4-panel), technical (3-panel), and merino wool fabrics, along with side, top panel, stripe, bill, and even thread colors (depending on model). You can also choose between Standard (2 ¼”) and Short (1 ¾”) bill sizes, along with custom embroidery.

From left to right, Walz Caps’ Classic Cotton, Marquee, Merino, and Wool cycling caps. Credit: Walz Caps, Inc.

Signature Series

Matthew Burton ($34.99 each or $99 for the set of four) – Features Matthew Burton’s (Peloton Magazine) original, artwork, which is dye-sublimated onto premium cotton blend fabric. Limited editions include “Big Mig,” “Jacques,” “Simpson,” and “Six Day.”

City & State ($26.99) – Represent your city or state wearing these caps. Available in heavy-duty premium cotton/poly or technical fabrics.

Caps for a Cause ($26.99) – Walz donates $5 from every purchase of these moisture-wicking caps to the chosen cause, including cancer, Alzheimer’s, ALS, and MS.

HTFU ($29.99 – $39.99) – Wool 3-panel, cotton 3-panel, and sublimated moisture-wicking technical silk-screened caps with the HTFU acronym underneath the bill.

Microbrew ($29.99) – Premium cotton and technical cycling caps featuring different microbreweries from around the US.

Kids ($29.99 – $34.99) – Kids-specific sizing and designs.

From left to right, Walz Caps’ Signature Series Microbrew, City/State, For a Cause, and Kids cycling caps. Credit: Walz Caps, Inc.

Velo/City Collection

Priced between $36.99 and $44.99, Walz advertises that these caps go well “with jeans and a beer or as a complement to your wool overcoat.” Available in cotton, wool, hemp (only one model), tweed, and herringbone fabrics, all of which are lined with a moisture-wicking fabric band.

Walz’s cotton, herringbone, and plaid Velo/City cycling caps. Credit: Walz Caps, Inc.

My Experience Wearing Walz Caps

Ordering My Walz Cap

Confession: I have a huge noggin’.

As a result, I had the opportunity to build a custom Walz cap, since they didn’t offer Super/2X sizing as a standard option on any of their models.

I already liked their Grey/Black Technical 3-Panel, so the design process was easy since I modeled mine after it. The Build-a-Cap feature on their website made everything super straightforward:

  1. Choose cap type (technical, cotton, merino wool, cotton 4-panel)
  2. Select size
  3. Pick side panel, top panel, stripe, bill, and thread colors. A total of 18 are available in their palette.
  4. Select bill size
  5. Enter embroidery details for the top and bottom lines (optional)
  6. Add to cart
My custom Walz Cap, which I modeled after their Grey/Black Technical 3-Panel. I also added custom embroidery on the right side.

Walz Cap Fit & Function

After 1,500+ miles, what’s my impression? Nothing but positivity.

The fit feels great on my head, and the fabric wicks moisture exceptionally well (which was the original reason I wanted a cap). Once in place, the bill is malleable and easily adjustable, depending on your preferences. It keeps out sun nicely, and even some wind when in the proper position.

I’ve found it’s largely unnoticeable when worn underneath my helmet. After spending more than a couple of hours in the saddle, though, I’ll experience some pressure points in front of my temples, which is relived my taking off my helmet and cap for a few minutes. Great time for a power snack!

Yep, my Walz cap—shown here in its natural, unwashed state after a recent ride—is well loved. It’s held up great, though. ©TreadBikely

Walz Cap Quality & Durability

The stitching and embroidery have held up very well with no signs of fraying. The elastic band in back has remained stretchy, even after dozens of washes. The fabric also doesn’t require special care—I just pop it in the washer with all of my other clothes.

Bottom line: After 6+ months, I’ve found my technical 3-panel Walz Cap is comfortable to wear, features high-quality materials and construction, is versatile, and competitively priced.

I feel the cap offers a ton of value for the money, and I’m extremely satisfied. I’ll definitely continue ordering my cycling caps from Walz.

Are There Other Cycling Caps Competing With Walz?

Many big-name cycling clothes manufacturers offer cycling caps made from similar cotton/poly and wool fabrics as Walz, including Rapha, Assos, Cinelli, Giro, Pearl Izumi, POC, Santini, and Giordana, to name just a few.

Some of these companies also offer custom design services, although they typically require large quantity orders, with a relatively lengthy process and turnaround. If you’re looking for something similar to Walz Caps, though, there are currently only a couple of close competitors.

Pace Sportswear

Perhaps the closest is Pace Sportswear, who’s also based in Southern California and offers cotton, wool, and technical (breathable, moisture-wicking, etc.) fabrics, with logo, solid, and striped designs.

Similar to the big players above, though, you’ll have to print out a template, fill in the Pantone colors, send it back to the company, and then wait four weeks if you want custom cycling caps. There’s also a minimum order of 25, with no pricing listed.


Owayo offers a 3D designer on their website, although only one cap was available for customization as of this writing. Pricing for one cap was $55 at the time of our research, with a three-week turnaround.

My Bottom Line About Walz Caps

After regularly using my Walz technical cotton cycling cap for more than six months, you can color me impressed—the quality, craftsmanship, price, fit, feel, and overall functionality has proven superb.

Based on online feedback, it appears many cyclists have experienced the same. And if you don’t, Walz stands behind their caps with a satisfaction guarantee, even on Build-a-Cap orders.

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Derek has more than two decades of experience as a cyclist, and is the founder of TreadBikely. He currently travels full-time with his family via RV, enjoying the country's best biking destinations. A secular Buddhist, Derek frequently explores the intersection of cycling, mindfulness, and compassion in his writing. #rolloutblissout
  1. Anthony J Tomasello II

    Two quick questions: 1. i have a 7 7/8 head and was thinking about upsizing to the 2X. What size is your head? 2. what size brim did you opt for, regular or short?

  • russell g platt

    I ordered my cap from them, and they are the slowesy company i have ever delt with. I live in Tenn and the mail shows my cap is now in Pensacola. It was suppose to be delivered today. Who knows what address they are using.

  • Anthony W Smith

    I ordered a build your own and wss so impressed I built 5 more and a Jersey. I like the look and feel so much, truth be told I don't only wear my highly personalized hat for rides, but also about town. I'm almost ashamed to have to bury it under a helmet! If you've got creative skills and extra cash lying around you can have a field day making these caps. Walz, what have you done?

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