Cycling Stories


August 2, 2020



Ved was cycling under an overpass when suddenly the road collapsed. He felt a huge hit and went numb, as darkness suddenly encircled him. It all happened in a fraction of a second. 

For a while, he blanked and didn’t know what to do. Trying to free himself, he vigorously pushed and kicked his surroundings, but to no avail. The impact had buried him so deep that no one could hear his shouts for help. 

His attention was drawn to faint light piercing through an opening, illuminating the red, sticky fluid stuck to his body. “I must get out quickly. Otherwise, I will die of blood loss,” he thought. 

By now, people had gathered around the scene, and Ved could hear the sounds they made. They didn’t have much time on their hands, though, and getting him out was going to be a tricky task. 

Ved watched as the opening, through which the light reached him, widened slowly, but it was too far away. Then, a pair of hands appeared, offering support. He made a last-ditch effort and threw himself toward the helper, with his head arriving first.  

Ved started to make his way out when he became stuck once again. His pupils couldn’t adapt to the bright light, so he kept them closed.

With a great deal of force, he eventually popped out of the hole, finally set free. Everyone around erupted with happiness and joy. They clapped and congratulated one another while Ved’s helper carried him to safety. Fresh oxygen entered his lungs as he took a deep, relaxing breath.

Opening his eyes slowly, he tried to thank everyone for their help, but he couldn’t utter a word. He suddenly realized he was inside a room, and not on the road where the accident occurred, although the people around him were wearing similar clothes. 

Then, it hit him. He cried as that was all he could do. He heard the happy crowd shout and scream once again.

He was not the same anymore. He was a smaller Ved, reborn! 

Piyush Halani is a corporate finance chartered accountant from Ahmedabad, India. Although he plays with numbers as a profession, he likes to nurture his passion for writing and photography in his free time.
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