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Two Wheels Are More Than Four

May 5, 2020


Two Wheels Are More Than Four

After I received my degree, I knew that I didn’t want to work full time — at least not yet. So, I looked to join a travel program before I started living like a ‘real’ adult.  

I was accepted into an au-pair program in the States, which I couldn’t wait to explore.  “My dream will come true! I am so excited! This is awesome!” I initially thought. I was sure that one of the best parts of life was coming soon.  

The next moment, though, I felt scared, crazy, and like somebody was choking me. “I have everything here; a great workplace, a big family, friends, and my home,” I considered. “Should I really give up everything to live somewhere else?” 

It was difficult, but I always remembered that it was what I wanted; the next step in my life. I sought to leave my comfort zone, and with this massive challenge in front of me, there was no question that’s what I would experience. 

I packed all my stuff, said goodbye to everyone, and started working in the States in July 2019.  

The first week was just about getting to know the people, my new home, and the surrounding neighborhood. Everything went smoothly, and I enjoyed the change. 

Then, I realized I was all alone in a new country and had only myself to count on, which was hard to adjust to. There were many times when I had no one to talk with and was homesick, which caused me to question my decision to move so far away from everything familiar. But I decided I could either choose to remain sad and suffer through my harmful thoughts, or I could find something to help me move on and set me free. 

I chose the latter. Specifically, I knew I needed to find a sport. 

Before leaving home, I said goodbye, not just to my friends and family, but also to my sweetheart, Yoyo. Who’s this? My beloved bike. I know it’s silly to give a bike a name. But she was THE bike for me.

I’d saved up money received from family and friends after graduation, and although I knew it would be expensive, I decided to buy a fixed gear model. At the time, I was crazy about bikes, and I wished for a fixie more than anything. My parents couldn’t believe that I wanted to spend all my money on “just a bike.” You can imagine their faces, then, when I arrived home one day with my new ride in tow. 

I think they forgave me only because they saw a huge smile across my face. They knew how proud and happy I was.

The author and her beloved fixie, Yoyo.

I missed Yoyo so much. I just knew that if she were here with me, she would solve everything. I knew it wasn’t fair, but I decided to replace her presence with a rented bike temporarily. I was sure that she would forgive me once we were reunited.  

Second only to eating chocolate cake for breakfast and jumping into the pool with dry, clean clothes on, I think it’s one of the best feelings in life. 

It was at that point I realized why I love to bike. Not only because sports are good for your body, or that it’s more environmentally friendly to go somewhere by two wheels instead of four, but because of the feeling it delivers.  

Taking deep breaths while I cycle, I listen to music. I can understand and see that everything is fine. I am in the right place at the right time. I am in heaven.  

Most of the time, I come back to the earth with a happier soul and mind, and a body that’s a bit more tired. But it’s worth it.  

Sometimes, it’s good to come back, and sometimes it’s not, because I know that I’m not in my cycling heaven anymore. But, I know that I can go cycling again whenever I want and that it will help me every time.

Gabriella Varga is a Hungary native currently living in Nebraska and working as an au-pair. She's a sporty dreamer, a lifelong learner, and an outdoor enthusiast who's always focused on seizing the day.
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