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Transporting a Little Rocket

July 24, 2020


Transporting a Little Rocket

Year 1963, little place called Thumba 
Roads not so straight with potholes in between. 
Still, a cycle marching on the street 
The same route taken daily 
But instead of two, only one riding that thing 
Still the poor tires feeling immense gravity 
Front asked the behind, 
What mighty creature are you carrying around? 
My little man is huffing like a hound 
The pressed back tire, knackered by working 
Still spoke with nothing but confidence in his voice 
Today, we are carrying a little rocket 
Which is going to make history 
The first ever launch ever to take place in this country 
A little rocket called Nike-Apache is going to fly into the sky 
And make everyone inflate with joy. 
The rocket isn’t their own 
But still, it can be their first step toward the beyond 
And now, years later, the little place called Thumba 
Is the hub of all space programmes 
Helmed by the Indian Space Research Organisation 
And don’t be scared,  we don’t carry around rockets on a cycle anymore 
But still, check the internet 
According to the photo, it did look fun. 

Aanchal Verma lives in a small town in India, and has always feared someone reading her work, so none of her friends or family knows she writes. However, the pandemic has caused her to overcome her fears and enter writing competitions.
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