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The Only One

May 10, 2020

The Only One

What is the sound I cannot hear? 
The sound, not ringing in my ear. 
Wow! What is the beauty I see? 
The beauty that is all around me. 
What is this breeze I feel, touching my skin? 
The breeze that pushes all the way in. 
Freedom, freedom is what I feel. 
Freedom, as I push to climb the hill. 
Freedom from trouble. 
Freedom from men. 
Freedom as I get on, and ride with the wind. 
Riding is peaceful. 
Riding is fun. 
Riding is lovely, when you’re the only one. 

Melissa L. Polley spent years working with special needs children as a Developmental Specialist. She is a mother of three, and she and her husband are the proud grandparents of seven. Right now, she’s just enjoying life. 
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