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The Hills From Which I Look Down

September 21, 2020


The Hills From Which I Look Down

hills forming in the horizon leaving 
cityscapes hidden behind unkept grass and  
cows sheltering from the burning sun  
these hills are not for weary legs  

the hills are forming in your mouth and 
your teeth stand as pillars  
holding the sky aloft  

what is that rattling sound from my chain  
sweeping me out of my metaphor 

these hills are not for weary legs  
and the cows are sheltering from the sun  
the sun, burning and the hills 
lifting me towards the light and soon  
flinging me towards the dark ground as I  
pass through villages with indifferent people  
unaware of our impending downfall  
falling, falling 

your eyes like clouds in the sky  
offering moments of shelter from the heat  
but soon bringing humid air  

this is my neglect 

I offer it to you as a  
summer gift 

my feet on the pedals  
taking me somewhere  

Mikkel Vejle lives in Denmark where he writes poetry in his spare time, while also raising a child and spending a lot of time riding to and from work on his trusted bike.
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