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The First Time I Saw You

September 25, 2020


The First Time I Saw You

Lilac tinged, the first time I saw you 
Gleaming in the sun as the grass felt dewy against my feet 
Sturdy and glorious in its whole 
The endless feeling of floating down the roads with you 
As the morning air felt crisp against my nose 
My legs moved with you in a rhythm that felt as familiar as breathing 
Driving me to the brink of gaiety  
There are dreams that I have for you and I 
To drift against footpaths and on top of hills 
To swerve amidst the forests 
And amongst the street vendors as we discover more and more of the world 
To take you on a rendezvous throughout Europe 
That feeling of ecstasy swirling inside of me as I speed down the dip in the road 
My hair breathing shamelessly against the wind 
To fleet through the Great Wall of China 
Screaming in joy as we go plummeting into an adventure 
You are the poet and I am poetry when I go cycling atop the pavement in New York city with you 
And my lungs are brimming with art whenever I spend a day riding through the village as if  
I’ve been sailing across the sky  
One day 
When I grow older and you become the only destination for rust 
I’ll look at our pictures and smile 
Remembering the first time I saw you, lilac tinged 

Muskaan Ayesha is a South African poet with an intense lust for language, a deep interest in literature, and a love for speaking and inspiring people with words.
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