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The Cycling Experience

February 13, 2020


The Cycling Experience

“When it all comes crashing down, hopping on the bike and pedaling it out makes everything better.”

Amna Al Tawil

Like most kids, I understood the concept of cycling early in life, although it was a challenging experience for me to open up to.

I had an older cousin who was always outside riding, which I thought was the coolest thing ever. Because I wasn’t the bravest, though, I didn’t gain the courage to get on a bicycle for a long time.

First, Freedom & Exhilaration

I clearly remember the first day I rode.

It felt incredible. Gave me a sense of independence. Adrenaline pumped through my body, gusts of wind pushed back my hair, and my legs felt like jelly while I pedaled faster and faster.

Then, after more practice, I took off the training wheels. It was so liberating and made me feel like a grown-up.

Cycling quickly became a way for my friends and me to get around the block. We just jumped on our bikes, and off we went. These frequent trips weren’t just transportation—they also helped me form some of the strongest personal bonds.

The freedom and exhilaration I felt from those moments remain with me to this day.

Peak Fitness, Stress Relief, & Life Balance

It’s easy to lose that childhood “specialness” as we grow older, but cycling never left my side. Instead, it morphed into a means for achieving my fitness goals as an adult.

It’s simple: the more time I spend on my bike, the closer I move toward reaching my peak fitness levels.

Today, cycling also continues to help me escape the stresses of daily life. When it all comes crashing down, hopping on the bike and pedaling it out makes everything better.

As if all of these benefits weren’t enough, cycling has helped me find a routine and improve overall balance in my life. My skills have progressed to the point where I now feel one with the bike when riding.

It’s even opened me up to several new experiences: I’ve been on a bike trail a few times and learned that it’s enriching. Riding on the dirt, with the wind racing against the top of your head, is a very surreal feeling.

Needless to say, the sport has become an integral part of my life.

Amna El Tawil is a professional journalist and content writer from Cairo, Egypt, whose work has appeared in the Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC), the International Herald Tribune, Thomson Reuters, and the BBC.
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