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The Bicycle and the Dream

July 1, 2020


The Bicycle and the Dream

Riding my bicycle has always been an otherworldly experience. It feels like the sun and the moon stop at the horizon, side by side, to become my vehicle’s wheels. Riding them, I climb the rainbow bridge and gasp at the edge of the flat earth. I jump from cloud to cloud until I reach the boundaries of the globe, and I continue skipping over asteroids. I arrive at Saturn, and I ride around its ring like an oval track. 

With the sun and the moon with me, I ride the bicycle all the time. Awake, and in my dreams, I ride. Farther, I drift, like the universe stretching. 

It gets cold and dark and old and slow… As if I have touched the bubble of time, everything warps around me, and I fall from infinite heights. 

Back in my bed, I savor the dream. I open my eyes to the sun shining through the glass windows, and I realize that the dream is stretched before me, like miles and miles of dirt road from my house to my home.  

The bicycle stands outside, and I climb upon it, ready to start my journey to the rainbow’s edge. 

Terence is a student who likes to write in his free time, daydreaming of his childhood and the first time he owned a bike the the age of eight.

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