Cycling Stories

Summer Nights

May 24, 2020


Summer Nights

With the lights of the pier 
Poking the smooth sunset 
In the eye 
I ride 

Past the hens 
Clucking as I tick melodically 
A euphoric metronome 
Keeping in time with my favourite home 

I love this city 
And I love gliding through it 
The balmy air 
Introduces the guests 

Murmurs and mutters 
The puff of the bus 
Slide alongside me 
And ruffle my hair 

I snake through the stag dos 
Sometimes they boo 
Occasional heckles drowned 
By the swoosh of tyre on cooling ground 

I pass through cobbled lanes until I see the sea 
Upon the esplanade I pick up speed 
I push the pedals with all my might 
As I disappear into the night 

Nina Vallard is a student and administrator in Kent, United Kingdom. She was born in the Westcountry but has gradually worked her way east hugging the coastline. In her free time, she visits museums and makes zines.
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