Cycling Stories


May 26, 2020


It all happened in a flash  
Riding speedily on a ghost  
Going on a daredevil ride  
Into a valley no one goes.  
Adrenaline surging through  
My veins and into my brain.  
Racing through the streets  
With a continuous need to  
Go even faster than normal, 
I was going for a record-breaking win.  
Piercing the wind and tearing it apart,  
I entered a realm where  
Only speed demons existed. 
Almost there, I could feel my skin  
Vibrating, my brain trying to keep up.  
Yes! Almost there, I could see it.  
Swerving a bit out of control, 
I panicked! The race was over, 
And so, too, were my days of riding. 

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