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Ride with My Love

September 4, 2020


Ride with My Love

Ride with my love on a journey, and have a taste of wild adventure 
Ride with me on my lovely bicycle, strong and eager to journey all around  
Hold me tight and tender as we search the ends of the world. 
Fill your heart with laughter to ease the pain of the journey. 
Many more miles to go, and many more joys to reap. 
I have seen places because of my companion, the bicycle. 
Come journey with me, my love, to distant places and behold the beauty of nature. 
When night comes, we shall sleep in the open fields and enjoy the night breeze. 
My love for adventure has taking me many miles from home. 
Come, my love, let us taste some wild fruits and berries. 
My lovely bicycle, a little oiling and we are on our way again. 
Come my love, let us find love in little things. 
Love is an adventure made possible by two wheels. 

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