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PodSkinz Airpods Case Cover Review

August 4, 2019


PodSkinz Airpods Case Cover Review

PodSkinz Airpods Silicone Case Cover


Choosing a silicone cover for your Airpods case isn’t rocket science. But, based on its competitive price and my positive firsthand experience, I think the PodSkinz Cover can deliver a great deal of value—if you’re looking for improved grip, reduced movement (in pockets, bags, etc.), and enhanced impact protection.

  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Functionality
  • Quality
  • Overall Value


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Quick and easy to install, adjust, and remove
  • Keybudz is a reputable company
  • Great firsthand experience
  • Also comes with mostly positive online customer feedback


  • Most common online complaint is that the silicone loosens over time and loses its fit (I have not experienced this)
  • Although it can deliver a solid level of value, I wouldn’t consider it a must-have accessory
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The PodSkinz Airpods Case Cover doesn’t cost a lot, but I took it for a spin for a month to help you decide if you should buy.

About the PodSkinz Airpods Case Cover from Keybudz

Keybudz advertises their original PodSkinz Airpods Case Cover as a convenient, durable solution for protecting your investment against scratches, bumps, and bruises caused by everyday wear and tear.

They also tell us the cover is constructed from an ultra-premium silicone elastomer that resists dust, installs easily, fits snugly, and weighs less than an ounce. You can choose between eight colors to suit your tastes—or match your bike, your kit, or anything else.

Is the PodSkinz Airpods Cover worth the price, though? Will it deliver real-world usefulness, whether you’re on or off your bike?

I’ve had the chance to test the cover for a month, several hundred miles, and in a variety of conditions. Here, I’ll briefly discuss my experience to help you decide.

How Does the PodSkinz Silicone Airpod Case Cover Work?

As you might imagine, there’s not a whole lot to the PodSkinz Airpod Case Cover.

It weighs 0.64 ounces and is constructed from a silicone-based elastomer (a material that acts like rubber). This way, it slides into place easily, retains a snug fit, and absorbs impacts, while also preventing less severe damage, such as surface scratches.

Despite its smooth finish, Keybudz indicates that their PodSkinz Cover resists dust accumulation and that its ultra-premium, form-fitting design doesn’t add a lot of bulk.

The Airpods Case Cover is available in Black, Clear, Grey, White, Cobalt Blue, Diamond Blue, Lava Red, and Pretty in Pink.

PodSkinz provides a 100 percent money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty on their Airpods Cases. Their website promises to stand behind your satisfaction, saying:

“If you’re unhappy, our team of highly skilled service ninjas will jump through hoops to put a smile back on your face.”

Does it live up to the advertising promises? Let’s find out.

My Experience With the PodSkinz Airpods Case Cover

I’ve had nothing but great experiences with PodSkinz’s EarBuddyz 2.0 and Ultra Ear Hooks. Whether I’m cycling or sitting at the computer bike, I’ve found they work very well.

So, when reordering recently, I decided to drop the Airpods Case Cover into my cart. After riding with it during a desert road century, several high-altitude singletrack sessions, and wildly ranging temperatures, here are my thoughts:

PodSkinz’s Form & Fitment

PodSkinz’s Cover is perfectly shaped to the Airpods case, so installation is quick and easy. Simply slide the bottom portion onto your Airpods case, followed by the top.

Once in place, a small silicone extrusion in back acts as a hinge between the top and bottom sections, without stressing the silicone or excessively impeding movement.

However, it does slow the top’s closing enough to noticeably decrease its ‘click’ when closing, which is helpful when using my Airpods in bed or other circumstance when I don’t want to disturb others.

The PodSkinz Cover features a slender ‘door’ at the bottom with a small nub attached, which remains firmly inside the charging port, but easily removes when the battery runs low.

The PodSkin’s lower door opens easily to provide access to your cases’s charging port.

I haven’t noticed any loosening at this point, which is one of the most common online customer complaints.

The Cover’s top and bottom does tend to slide away from one another slightly, although it’s not excessive, doesn’t impact performance or protection, and I can fix in seconds by gently nudging the silicone back into place with a thumb.

PodSkinz’s Fitness Functionality

The PodSkinz Cover undeniably makes my Airpods case much easier to grab when my fingers are sweaty, and also helps it remain firmly in place while sitting in a jersey pocket.

And while the Case is undoubtedly slim and form-fitting, it simultaneously adds thickness and improves hand feel. The three lines below the case’s top door provide additional thumb grip.

To my surprise, the case’s black silicone remains remarkably dust-free, although pet hair sticks.

It also withstands regular use well, with no meaningful signs of wear other than smooth spots worn onto each of the top’s corners, which don’t impede functionality in any way.

A couple of smooth spots have worn onto the corners of my PodSkinz’s lid, although it’s not immediately noticeable and doesn’t impact its functionality.

My Opinion: Is the PodSkinz Airpods Case Worth the Price?

Overall, I’d classify the PodSkinz Airpods Case Cover as a ‘nice-to-have’ accessory. I got along just fine without it for thousands of miles and never encountered any significant damage to my case.

My Airpods case is certainly scratched and nicked in places, though, which I could foresee the PodSkinz Cover preventing.

In my opinion, the cover’s most significant benefit is the improved grip it provides while I’m riding, whether in my hand, the back of my jersey, or a pocket. Even when off the bike, I can rest assured that my Airpods case won’t slide around after setting it down in the car, on a tabletop, or anywhere else.

Together, although the PodSkinz Cover isn’t necessarily something I need, based on its low price and real-world functionality, it’s my opinion that it delivers a lot of value for the money.

But, the reality is there are several other Airpod cases available. Let’s find out how they compare.

PodSkinz vs. Competing Airpod Case Covers

While PodSkinz’s Airpods Case might’ve been the first, today’s marketplace is flooded with perhaps dozens of functionally identical models from third-party manufacturers.

Most share the same core features, including silicone construction, form-fitting designs, enhanced impact/scratch protection, easy application and removal, and the ability to recharge your case without removing. Several also come with 30-day refund policies and one-year warranties.

Here’s some of the most popular, and how they compare:

BrandWeightColors AvailableNotes
0.64 oz8 (Black, Clear, Grey, White, Cobalt Blue, Diamond Blue, Lava Red, Pretty in Pink)Claims to be the original
0.16 oz11 combinationsDifferent color lids and bottoms (interchangeable), features thicker silicone, front LED not visible
1.44 oz 8Unique marble patterns
0.64 oz 2 (black, red)Nike-inspired designs
0.8 oz18Features longer top hinge

Let’s not overcomplicate this: Choosing the ‘right’ silicone cover will simply come down to which features you consider most important.

Want the most color options, along with the lowest price? HappyCover wins by a long shot, followed by elago—who’s also the only company that offers interchangeable tops and bottoms, with PodSkinz and Mangix tying for third.

However, elago also offers the lightest silicone Airpods case, and Mangix the heaviest. PodSkinz and OSMspace fall somewhere in between.

Surprisingly, if you’re looking for a silicone cover without an attached keychain/carabiner loop, these represent the bulk of the most popular options. However, it’s not a feature I’d find useful, so I haven’t considered upgrading.

I also don’t have a burning desire to see the case’s front LED, although there are many models available (including from Keybudz, but with the attached carabiner) if this feature is at the top of your must-haves list.

Let’s pull all of these details together.

Coming to a Conclusion About the PodSkinz Airpods Case Cover

The bottom line? Unlike their ear hooks, I wouldn’t consider the PodSkinz Airpods Case Cover a ‘must-have’ accessory.

Still, at least in my case (no pun intended), the cover represents a minimal investment that delivers a lot of real-world functionality, which is the very definition of value.

I think this is especially relevant if you work out frequently while carrying your Airpods case since it dramatically improves hand feel and grip. Also, if you often subject your case to additional wear and tear, such as taking it with you to school, the office, a job site, or just about anywhere else.

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