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Plus Two Legs

April 19, 2020


Plus Two Legs

Little pedals and little paddles 
Through dips and all the dirt 
Every hurdle and every jungle  
We always get through it together. 

Whether pain or whether struggle 
Down familiar and unfamiliar terrain 
Feeling down or rock under 
We are team that never breaks. 

Against the wind that threatens to tip 
Strong current that seeks to overturn 
Season and seasons that constantly change 
We never change, we only improve. 

I’ll start with one pedal to a world unknown 
For a thousand reasons I choose you as my companion 
A friend to walk this struggle with, toward success 
My plus two legs that never tire, nor forsake, me. 

Ann Wacuka is a freelance writer and a graduate of Bsc. Project Planning and   Management from The University of Nairobi, who lives in Nakuru, Kenya.

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