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Pedaling Through Portals

July 13, 2020


Pedaling Through Portals

Through the blood circulation coursing through my being 
Through the wind causing tears of admiration to run down my eyes 
Through the echoes of my heartbeat resounding in my head 
The images of my first love flashes through my mind 
From the red beauty wrapped up as a surprise for my seventh birthday 
To the red untarred streets on which we first bonded 
My skin showcases the scars of fame earned from early adventures 
The life lessons learnt from falling only to rise again 
Pedaling away thoughts best left forgotten 
Each movement opening up into new portals of liberty 
Muscles contracting and pain rising, still the company of the air keeps me soothed 
The urge to throw in the towel after desperate failed attempts at new tricks 
gets defeated by the surging joy and peace I feel as I set out on another bond with the universe 
Through my mind’s eye I pedal through the pines of South Dakota 
And long for an eternity lost cycling through the mountain clouds. 

Chidinma Nwonye is a 22-year old Nigerian who started cycling at a young age on the streets near her home.
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