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My Journey to Peace

August 24, 2020


My Journey to Peace

Enough is enough, I stand tall 
All that is up, call for a fall 
How they smile, do they have it all 
A smile is a must, for duty’s call is all 
So full of life when it’s an empty hall 
I ask, where is my self-peace 
Where else I breathe 
Where else I ask 
Who else do I believe 
How long do I have to live 
To know real, soul peace 
I ask, where is my self-peace 
No one I know, wherever I go 
Will be that person, I want to adore 
Everyone knows this, but pride and ego 
Either man or woman, similar we’ll grow 
If only unity applies, plagues we’ll forego 
I ask, where is our self-peace 
I have this one place I feel home 
So much company, even though alone 
As I ride my bicycle, destination unknown 
As a lark, I feel I have the world on my throne 
No crowd on wheels, unlike buses, are begone 
I rest for I found the crown, now this is peace. 

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