Cycling Stories

My Friend

August 5, 2020


My Friend

Two wheels of my cycle  
Are like my best friend,  
which help me to take a 
step to achieve my goals.  

Two pedals are the 
encouragement of a true friend,  
to put in the full effort to take  
the next step in my life.  

Two handles are the love of 
a lovely friend, to move 
straight along my path, to do 
specific things in my life.  

Stand of a cycle is the 
care, of my friend 
to make my path  
smooth without struggles.  

Seat of a cycle is the 
heart, of my friend 
that no one can
replace me.  

Bell of a cycle is a sound of 
God, telling me to listen 
to the words of a  
truthful friend.  

At last, my cycle 
leads me to my success.  

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