Cycling Stories

My First Ride

April 16, 2020


My First Ride

Ten years old 
Looking like I’m cold 
Yet, I had to be bold  
And step on a bicycle 

That was the start  
Of my new life on Earth 
My bicycle became a friend 
Whom I loved so much 
And the world couldn’t think of such 

You showed me all; 
The wonders of nature 
The shortcuts of the neighborhood 
And the quickest path to school 

I want to tell you all 
Hidden in my heart 
I hope you listen to my voice 
I love you, my dear bicycle 

None can separate us 
You became part of me 
Nothing can break us 
Because our bond never grows old 

May we travel around the world 
And write down a new story 
That will end up in history 
May we cycle to the ends of the globe 
And be part of the beautiful nature. 

Kevon Otiende is a high school graduate living in Kenya, where he loves writing poems for friends.

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