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My Cycling Experience: From Frustration to Happiness

January 9, 2020


My Cycling Experience: From Frustration to Happiness

“Cycling kept me healthy, reduced my stress, and helped me make lots of friends.”

Mamataj Begum

My Difficult First Cycling Experience

I was around the age of five when I first attempted learning to ride a bike.

I was so excited. My father took me to a field in front of my house, where I pedaled, while he supported me from behind. Several times, he released his grip, but I fell, got up, tried again, fell again, got up … you get the point.

I couldn’t get the pedaling part down. The whole time, I wondered, “Why is this so difficult?” After all, my father’s guidance was taking care of the handling, but I couldn’t crank the pedals properly.

I eventually became so frustrated that I gave up on cycling altogether.

I Give Cycling a Second Chance

A few years later, when I was in fourth grade, all of my friends biked to school.

Although I still wasn’t into the whole cycling thing, their bikes—some garnished with ribbon taped to their handlebars—were so beautiful to me. I decided to learn how to ride, so I might one day own a beautiful bike of my own.

My friend, Jerin, was already good at cycling since she rode her father’s big bike. To me, she was the coolest, so I asked if she’d teach me to ride.

Thankfully, she accepted and helped me learn step-by-step. She was even patient while I struggled with my pedaling.

After practicing for five days, I finally cycled on my own. At that moment, I felt so happy that I jumped off my bike and into the gutter!

More of My Fond Cycling Memories

I stopped riding when I reached junior high but took it up again when I was in college. There, I fell in love with a fixed gear bike and rode it every day. I listened to my favorite music as I pedaled, which felt so relaxing.

I also joined a bicycle club in my country called “JLFR.” On the last Friday of the month, we would meet somewhere, usually in the city center, at about 7 pm. Then, we would head out on group rides that would last until 10 pm.

I have such pleasant memories of that time. Cycling kept me healthy, reduced my stress, and helped me make lots of friends.

How Cycling Makes Me Feel

I’m grateful to my friend Jerin.

Because of her help, cycling not only made me happy, but it also taught me how to deal with my impatience. Further, it taught me a great deal about friendship, because she an I remain best friends to this day.

In fact, she gave birth to a baby boy last month and asked that I teach him how to ride.

Sounds good!

Cycling’s Present Role in My Life

Today, cycling is my favorite sport after jogging. It’s so simple, provides the best experiences, and doesn’t necessarily take a lot of effort to enjoy. But it helps keep me healthy.

Even if I have a busy work week, I still bike at least once. Sometimes, I also enjoy a short cycling trip with my colleagues.

A recent highlight was when I participated in an annual group ride with my coworkers last December, which travels about 18 km around the village. It wound around old temples, rice fields, and beautiful gardens with carrots and chili growing all over the place.

It was another magnificent cycling experience!

Don’t stop now, you’re on a roll! Share your cycling story!

Mamataj Begum is a professional writer from Sherpur, Bangladesh.
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