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Mom Was Right

May 11, 2020

Mom Was Right

I have a whole history with bikes, 
It’s gone on for thirty years. 
I have both good and bad memories, 
a lot of emotions, smiles, and tears. 

I got a pink ten speed one Christmas. 
Everything on my wish list, fulfilled. 
I caught the real “Santa” leaving it, 
I was upset, but loved it still. 

We would go on bike rides together. 
Mandi in Mom’s baby seat, Dad, me. 
We took turns choosing which way to go, 
because if not, we’d never agree. 

Mom always said, “Don’t switch bikes with friends.” 
One day, wild, I did so with delight. 
Racing down the street, the bike broke down, 
I wiped out, sprained my wrist. Mom was right. 

Once, riding down a hill at the beach, 
I flew hard into the sand, knocked out. 
The sand scraped my face, scabbed my nose. 
I should have gone a different route. 

I rode my bike to the library. 
Didn’t lock it up; seemed safe back then. 
When I came out, I felt something wrong. 
It was my fault my bike was gone. 

All these years later, and still no bike. 
I borrow Mom’s and it’s a bummer. 
I thought my biking days were gone, but 
I think I’ll buy my own this summer. 

Bridgette Buccilli lives in Euclid, Ohio, received her Associate of Arts degree from Kent State University, and is looking forward to achieving her Bachelor of the Sciences in Educational Studies. She doesn't like to exercise but, when she does, she prefers bicycling. Her recent return to her Catholic faith means that she’s currently writing a devotional.
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  1. nancy sherman

    Wonderful Bridgette!!

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