Cycling Stories

Letting Go

April 4, 2020


Letting Go

My father used to hold the handlebars

And never let me ride alone

Until one day I finally got it.

I used to put my feet on the ground

And wobble when the bike

Went left.

I think I tried until I had

Nothing left.

He wasn’t there the day I did it

I lifted both feet and managed

To place the two of them on the pedals.

My father missed the day

I finally rode my bike

And he never got to feel

The satisfaction of

Letting go.

I guess I never really felt like I was

Riding alone.

Rebecca McPeake is a student from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and is currently studying English Literature at the University of Bristol. She is particularly interested in writing poetry and short stories, and is presently working on writing her first poetry anthology.
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