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Industry Nine No-Clog Aluminum Tubeless Valve Stems Review

April 24, 2020


Industry Nine No-Clog Aluminum Tubeless Valve Stems Review

I9 No-Clog Aluminum Tubeless Valve Stems


Despite a unique design profile (and their name), I9’s No-Clog Aluminum Tubeless Valve Stems don’t appear to offer meaningfully better protection against plugged valves caused by congealed sealant. 

However, their anodized finish is a nice way to add a custom detail to your cycling setup. And with their removable cores, you can replace them as they gunk up, while retaining a pop of color. 

  • Ease of Use
  • Clog Prevention Effectiveness
  • Price
  • Overall Value


  • Relatively inexpensive 
  • Super easy to install and use 
  • A simple way to add custom touches to your bike 
  • Come from a company with a mostly positive customer reputation 
  • Backed by a two-year warranty 
  • Widely available online, as well as many local bike shops 


  • Despite their name, cores will eventually clog and need to be cleaned or replaced (like with all tubeless valve stems) 
  • So far, they don’t appear to prevent clogged valves than ‘standard’ tubeless valve stems 
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About I9’s No-Clog Valve Stems 

Industry Nine’s tubeless no-clog aluminum valves, which promise to prevent sealant jams, are compatible with wheelsets from the company, as well as those from third-party manufacturers. They’re even anodized the same colors as I9’s factory hubs and spokes.

Credit: Industry Nine, Inc.

I9’s extended clog-resistant Presta valves measure 40mm long and weigh 12g, feature removable cores, and are recommended for mountain and gravel applications. Each kit (two valves) includes a stem, double-flanged nut, and cap, and comes with a two-year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. 

My Experience With I9’s Aluminum No-Clog Valves 

I purchased a pair of pink I9 No-Clog Valves (model #TRVAPNK) from Competitive Cyclist, which arrived quickly and were super easy to install: simply remove the nut and o-ring from the stem, insert the stem through the inside of the rim until its rubber base is flush against the metal, reinstall the o-ring onto the stem, thread on the nut until tight, and finish by adding sealant (I prefer Orange Seal). 

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Important note: Make sure the nut is firmly secure not only after setting up your tire, but also before and after your first few rides. Otherwise, I’ve found it can loosen and potentially lead to air leakage.

Once in place, I think the anodized finish on I9’s No-Clog Valves add a nice pop of color to my setup, although this is certainly something you could achieve with valves from competing brands (more next).

Along these same lines, except for the higher inner flange atop its rubber base, the Industry Nine No-Clog Valves don’t seem to feature a meaningfully different design compared to models from other companies.

And considering the fact that it’s virtually impossible to prevent tubeless sealant from eventually clogging valve cores (at least to some degree), I remain on the fence about whether or not they’ll deliver noticeably better performance over the long-haul.

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The bottom line is that Industry Nine’s Aluminum Tubeless No-Clog Valves aren’t a necessary addition to your bicycle, and I’m dubious about the reality of the company’s “no-clog” insinuation.

However, I think these valves add a nice detail that complement the appearance of your setup, if you’re looking to expand your customization options — and can also justify the relatively high cost.

I9 No-Clog Valves vs. Competing Tubeless Valve Stems  

If you’re in the market for tubeless aluminum valve stems, there’s no shortage of options competing against Industry Nine’s No-Clogs, including models from popular manufacturers like Muc-Off, Stan’s NoTubes, e*thirteen, WTB, and Milkit, to name just a few. 

Here’s a quick-reference table comparing a few of their high-level aspects: 

Brand MSRP Measurements (per pair) Features 
I9 No-Clog Aluminum Valves $22 40mm, 12g Anodized aluminum, tapered rubber base, includes rubber o-ring, multiple colors available 
Muc-Off Tubeless Valve Kit $29.99 44mm or 60mm, 14-15g Available in 2 lengths, crafted from 6061 aluminum, 8 colors, integrated valve core tool, 3 sets of rubber bases to fit different rim shapes 
Stan’s NoTubes Valves $23 35mm, 44mm, 55mm; 8-10g Aluminum alloy, fits up to 8mm valve hole, available in black, red, blue, green and orange colors 
e* thirteen High Volume Aluminum Tubeless Valves $24.95 19mm-37mm, 27-29g Designed with the biggest air passage available on a Presta valve, unique rubber base mechanism 
WTB Aluminum TCS Valve Stems $25.95 34mm and 46mm, weight unlisted Anodized aluminum, stepped lock nut, 3 colors 
CushCore Valve Set $25 44mm, weight unlisted Specially designed to work with CushCore’s inserts, nitrile rubber seal, includes valve core tool,  
Orange Seal Versa Tubeless Valve Stem $23.99 32mm, 48mm, 60mm, and 80 mm; weight unlisted Unique flat rubber base design, includes interchangeable/replaceable rubber grommets adapts to work with a variety of rim channel profiles 
Milkit Tubeless Valves $49.95 35mm or 75mm, 15g Unique design allows you to remove core w/out air loss, applicator allows you to know exactly how much sealant remains in your tires 

Given the fact that your cores will almost certainly become clogged at some point, regardless of how much you pay, choosing a set of tubeless valves isn’t rocket science and will largely come down to your design and budgetary preferences. 

What’s more, with the exception of Milkit’s tubeless valves, there aren’t many meaningful design differences between each company’s models, and largely involves varying rubber bases to better seal against your rims – if you can justify a price tag that’s more than double much of the competition, of course. 

Bottom Line: Should You Buy Industry Nine’s Tubeless No-Clog Valve Stems? 

Based on their price, along with the limited indications that their design will prevent sealant-clogged valves, I believe it’s reasonable to classify I9’s Aluminum No-Clog Valve Stems as a ‘splurge.’ As long as we’re keeping it real, you probably don’t need them.  

But, these valves come from a company with a reputation for quality, and they’re sure to boost your bike’s bling factor, if that’s what you’re looking to accomplish. 

Derek has more than two decades of experience as a cyclist, and is the founder of TreadBikely. He currently travels full-time with his family via RV, enjoying the country's best biking destinations. A secular Buddhist, Derek frequently explores the intersection of cycling, mindfulness, and compassion in his writing. #rolloutblissout
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