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I Choose You to Move Me

July 21, 2020


I Choose You to Move Me

i’m not here to tell a big story or epiphany  
i’m not even here  
(i’m in the wind,  
in the hinterlands,  
on the road,  
i’m in a time where no words come 
i’m in a time where life itself is too on the road, side-by-side)  
i’m in the undiscovered; the yet-to-see that blossom on each turn 
like spring tangling on my wheels, struggling through my chains, turning and twisting on my pedals, going up on my legs, my body, my head to a point where i’m no longer riding, i’m the ride, i’m the road. 

and on each stop where i can gather with all of my fellow bikers, and share all i had experienced  
share my own road, give them my own wheels. and then listen 
other’s roads that my eyes were too fast to see, other’s paths i had not the time to be  
then at the end of my ride i’ll know the beautiful way i had chosen to move me. 

João Gomes is a tropical poet, raised in the warm lands of brazil. Most of all a lover of all things and a dreamer of words. You can connect with him on Instagram: @joaoggomess.
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