Cycling Stories


August 26, 2020


Woke earlier than usual 
it was heavy winter times 
went out of house in open 
entire place was covered 
in white smoke, nay mist. 
Looked at our paddy field 
that had many vegetables 
grown together mixed crop 
green carpet was missing 
covered with mist on top 
looked like a famous painting. 
Sunlight arrived in golden 
rays, sharp, fast, and beautiful 
mist on top began to melt 
and night gave up slowly 
it was a sight to remember 
the act of night turning to day. 
Could see special features 
of dawn, showed jackals 
leaving out of house, its belly 
full and touching the ground 
several chicks were inside 
saw a python moving out 
couldn’t move, belly filled up. 
Happy seen nature in its 
glory, sight will stay in me. 

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