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Cycling Tour

September 29, 2020


Cycling Tour

My love for exploring overseas, 
throughout the years, never ceased. 
New places to see, new lanes to explore, 
this is my bliss, and nothing more. 
So, one fine day, a sunny one, 
my heart agreed to have some fun. 
Mounting my bicycle, there I went, 
where took me the lily’s scent. 
On and on my legs pedalled, 
following trees which stood tall. 
I hummed alongside the koel’s chick, 
then I entered the forest thick. 
I saw a cave, but afraid to enter, 
in case, there’s some kind of danger. 
Slowly, I tip-toed, nerves were tight, 
got scared, when saw some birds in flight. 
I changed my mind, and came back, 
to start my journey back home. 
Altogether, a different feeling, 
cycling to places, all alone.

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