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June 15, 2020


Cycling Moments

As an individual trekking through the phase of childhood, 

My sight saw a glow that pierced my mind for good. 

It slowly blossomed into a passion, 

As it gradually stemmed from an overgrown attraction, 

Even as the labor almost led to an abortion of the pleasure to gain, 

But the pain was a stain that I chose to maintain. 

I met a love that strengthened my mental wellbeing, 

Her smile so bright, enlightened the darkness that almost let to my depression, 

She purified the impurities that deteriorated my lung health, 

She blows within me perfection to the air of my breath. 

Her splendor arrested my heart with ease; where she now has permanent residence, 

Her radiance wipes away my disease; her home is free of pestilence, 

Her essence has always made its presence since my adolescence. 

She taught me how to fall, and then I learned how to maintain my stance, 

She had me run a thin line to enhance my balance. 

My senses rose ever since the dove descended,  

I ascended above the mountains, as my fall has been prevented. 

Her intense might strengthened the walls of my brain, 

The immense light brightened my abyss, now I’m less insane. 

Like art, she carved her imprint upon my heart, 

I run miles because of her love that’s so great, 

Her presence is a part of my fate as she deletes the extra weight. 

She takes me places with just a fraction of time, when she receives my undivided attention, 

Since my earlier years as a blossoming teen, 

I have always been in love with cycling. 

With gusto I hustle to build my muscle, 

With gusto I dedicate my moments to my bicycle, 

Despite my lack of skill, she still instills within my soul the incredible thrill. 

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