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Cycling Her Dream

May 8, 2020


Cycling Her Dream

Walking on the streets, she wanted to go far, 
that naive mind, her bicycle was her star. 
Up in the morning till the goodnight sleep, 
she had a secret promise that she needed to keep. 

Earlier, it was her father’s dream, 
but now it’s in her veins. 
Cycling was her only thing, 
that made her feel alive and fly, without wings. 

She had a bicycle when she was little, 
with a blue seat, green handles, sturdy, yet brittle. 
While driving it once, she went far off track, 
fell down, and badly hurt her back. 

She cried hard for days, for she’d never thought of leaving cycling early, 
maybe it was her fate to forget something so dearly. 
Days and months passed, now her cycle remains in the dust, 
she kept healing after losing her only thing to trust. 

Reminding herself with each passing day to not forget what she’d learned, 
it was always there, in her way. 
Crying, regretting, and holding back was not an option, 
fighting, sweating, practicing, full of exhaustion. 

Days like this should pass, 
self-confidence is going to stand there till last. 
She made a promise to herself: become likable again, 
not to anyone else, but only her bicycle and herself. 

Ten years later, here she is with her best friend, 
it still has a blue seat and green handles. 
But now, it’s big and ready to explore, 
not on the roads but toward mountains, 
toward trails with perfect flow, 
hucking and kicking like wild, 
without any fear of falling again. 

It is a part of life which she might have understood, winning is not always the end game, 
self-love is important when life gives you a shower and rain. 
What if she would have stopped back then? 
With her bike’s broken blue seat and punctured brain. 

Sometimes, it’s difficult to see through the blurred situation, 
commitment to her passion led her to become an inspiration, 
riding in between the forest, greens in amazing loam. 
Has her dream come true by pining like a wind to roam? 

Perhaps it is just the beginning, 
of her childhood dream of being free and cycling. 
You can scream, you can fail, 
You can go wrong, you can go pale. 

But never give up on what you believe, 
in yourself, because real things take time.
You have only one life; go for it, shine, and thrive!

Sanvi Sinha is a writer, designer, and travel enthusiast who wishes to see more of the world through her lens and her stories. You can find her on Instagram.

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