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Cycling and Its Important Role in My Life

February 26, 2020


Cycling and Its Important Role in My Life

“Cycling has given me greater confidence, work better with teams, bond more closely with others, better manage my time, and effectively handle multiple tasks simultaneously.”

Farheen Irfan

Have you ever encountered an introverted child, always sitting on the backbenches and fearful of the limelight? This was me.

From my early childhood until secondary school, whether it was family gatherings or school events, I preferred being alone. The fear of social interaction kept me quiet, which not only affected my personality, but also negatively impacted my academics.

While the other kids leveraged their social circle and discussed class notes, I solved complex algebra equations on my own, because I had no close friends.

The Concept of Effort

My life continued this way until I reached seventh grade. As a compulsory activity, I had to choose between participating in tennis, cricket, or bicycling. Out of sheer curiosity, I opted for the last, not knowing that my life was about to change!

Cycling taught me multiple lessons, including how to manage anger, maintain proper posture, preserve my passion all the way through until the finish line, and manage my time. Most importantly, the sport introduced me to the concept of “effort.”

The sensations I experience after placing my feet on the pedals, and while watching my wheels move forward underneath me, cement an important mantra in my mind: in order to move forward and find success in life, I need to put in the effort.

The relief I feel for a few seconds after pedaling is similar to how our early years are often difficult, followed by reaping the rewards from working hard and burning the midnight oil.

Credit: Pixabay

Maintaining Balance

Cycling also taught me about the importance of balance.

After becoming obsessed with the sport and researching some of the best cyclists in the world, I learned that athletes at the top of their game didn’t always ride the best, most expensive equipment. Instead, they effectively managed their balance, posture, and physical movements on the bike.

This rule can be applied in daily life, too. Whether it’s our emotions, our personal life, or our professional aspirations, weighing each factor equally and not overemphasizing the importance of one or another is crucial for finding balance and success.

Cycling’s Social, Physical, & Mental Benefits

Although I was an extreme introvert growing up, I was forced to interact with my school’s cycling team during our tea and coffee breaks between practice sessions. During those breaks, I had the opportunity to meet new people, improve my social skills, and grow my circle of friends.

Cycling has also enormously benefitted my physical appearance, along with my mental health. I have greater confidence, work better with teams, bond more closely with others, better manage my time, and effectively handle multiple tasks simultaneously. I feel that the sport has helped me be more competitive in today’s fast-paced society.

Farheen Irfan is a content expert for the financial, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, technology, healthcare, and fashion industries who lives in Karachi, Pakistan.
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