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Boeshield T-9 Review

January 28, 2019


Boeshield T-9 Review



The bottom line is that Boeshield T-9 costs a couple of dollars more than comparable bike chain lubricants from popular competitors.

Based on my experience using the lube for more than 1,000 miles, as well as online customer feedback, though, the extra expense seems to pay off from a value perspective.

  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Durability
  • Effectiveness
  • Overall Value


  • Easy to use
  • Lasts a long time
  • Uses patented technology created by Boeing
  • Provides excellent water, rust, and dirt protection
  • Fantastic firsthand experience
  • Mostly positive online customer reputation


  • Priced a couple of dollars higher than many popular competitors
  • Not as widely available as some bike chain lubricant formulas
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Boeshield T-9 lubricant uses patented technology from Boeing to help prevent corrosion, rust, and dirt accumulation on your bike chain (along with many other uses). Is it necessarily worth the extra money, though? Here’s what we learned after extensive testing.

About Boeshield T-9

Boeshield T-9 is an all-in-one formula that promises to deliver waterproof lubrication, protection against rust and corrosion, a barrier against dirt and debris, and deep cleaning, whether the conditions are wet or dry.

It works using a unique solvent and paraffin wax formula that creates a thin, continuous film on any metal surface. In turn, this can keep your bike’s chain free from moisture, dust, dirt, and mud for up to 200 miles.

According to the company, Boeshield T-9 isn’t just for bicycle chains, either. You can also use it on drivetrains, (including derailleur and in between rollers and pins), brake and shift cables, caliper and pedal pivots, seat posts, spoke nipples, and inside frames.

Its nonconductive formula also works to address corrosion, flush out old lubricants, and loosen rusty parts on, whether dry or wet (e.g., electrical motors, circuits, ignitions, and connectors), or lubricate just about any metal pivot point by deeply penetrating its pores.

Despite all of these benefits, the company advertises that T-9 won’t harm common materials like paint, plastic, rubber, fiberglass, or vinyl and that it performs better than Teflon.

Exactly what does this formula contain, though?

Taking a Closer Look at Boeshield T-9’s Ingredients

Although Boeshield T-9 is manufactured and distributed by Holland, MI-based PMS Products, Inc., it’s an officially licensed from The Boeing Co. In other words, Boeing developed the lube and allows PMS to distribute it.

According to the lubricant’s Safety Data Sheet, the amber, combustible liquid contains the following ingredients:

Ingredient Percentage
Distillates (petroleum) 40-50%
Naphtha (petroleum), hydrotreated heavy 20-30%
Petroleum Oil 10-15%
Petrolatum 1-5%
Oil Soluble Sodium Sulfonate 1-5%
Sorbitan Tristearate 1-5%

In addition to 4 oz. drip and bike bottles, PMS Products also offers Boeshield T-9 liquid in 4 oz and 12 oz aerosol cans, as well as in one-gallon jugs. However, based on their safety data sheets, there aren’t any differences in their core ingredients.

While PMS Products offers Boeshield T-9 in different formats (i.e., liquid versus aerosol), there aren’t any differences in their core ingredients. Credit: PMS Products, Inc.

How to Apply Boeshield T-9

Despite its unique formula, you’ll apply Boeshield T-9 similar to many other bike chain lubes:

  1. Clean your chain
  2. Apply the liquid to the chain
  3. Adjust speeds and gears evenly to distribute the product and allow to dry
  4. Wipe off excess after two hours, or overnight

My Experience Using Boeshield T-9 Liquid

T-9’s Price

Despite its availability from several popular online retailers like Amazon, REI, and The Rust Store for between $10 and $11, I picked up my 4 oz bottle from a local bike shop for about the same amount of money.

This is roughly $1-$2 more than many competing bike chain lubes from third-party manufacturers.

Ease of Application

As you might expect, there’s not a whole lot to it. Simply shake T-9’s bottle, apply as instructed by the manufacturer, wipe off any excess, and wait overnight (ideally) before heading out on a ride.

I’ve found that the nozzle doesn’t clog. A 4 oz bottle typically lasts me the better part of a year, even while maintaining a stable of 6+ kids and adult bikes.

When it comes to Boeshield T-9, I’ve found that more isn’t better. In fact, you will need to make sure and wipe off any excess after applying. Otherwise, it will quickly attract quite a bit of dirt and tend to gum up.

The Boeshield T-9 4 oz bottle, complete with pinhole nozzle that provides easy chain application.

Real-World Performance

After using the lubricant for well over 1,000 miles, I’ve found that T-9’s formula repels water exceptionally well and lasts more 100 miles before requiring reapplication, depending on the conditions you primarily ride in (the more wet/severe, the more often you’ll need to refresh).

Removal & Cleaning

When the time comes, I remove the waxy formula using WD-40 Chain Cleaner & Degreaser for my entire drivetrain, along with the Park Tool GearClean Brush (and a bit of elbow grease) for my cassette and chainrings. I finish off using the Finish Line Grunge Brush on my chain.

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Derek has more than two decades of experience as a cyclist, and is the founder of TreadBikely. He currently travels full-time with his family via RV, enjoying the country's best biking destinations. A secular Buddhist, Derek frequently explores the intersection of cycling, mindfulness, and compassion in his writing. #rolloutblissout
One Comment
  1. Brian Bassett

    I use both T-9 and ACF-50 on my chains as necessary to the conditions. My bike has a Rohloff Speed-hub and a BBSHD mid-drive, just two gears. With a new chain or freshly washed, prepped with ACF-50, and a coat of T-9 it's almost silent. I have been averaging 800 miles a month and have almost no issues with the drive train. I check the chain regularly and swap for a new one at .75% wear. -

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