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As I Cycle Along the Way

April 27, 2020

As I Cycle Along the Way

As I cycle along the way, 
with my fist clenched 
and my breathing getting faster 
I try to concentrate on the road ahead of me,  
clearing my thoughts from all problems.                                           

As I cycle along the way, 
with my hair wet 
and my body dripping with sweat 
I let all my worries go with the wind, 
and allow the breeze to take over me.                                 

I feel stress-free, energized, weightless, and ready to take the next chapter of my life by storm. 

As I cycle along the way, 
I reflect on my choices 
the good, the bad,  
and the ugly. 
I wonder what the future holds. 

As I cycle along the way, 
I let the breeze dance through my thoughts 
as I race to the lake, through the woods,  
and to the mountains. 
I feel less tired and worried about life’s problems. 

As I cycle along the way, 
I feel the wind caressing me 
and my body embracing the feeling 
as my heart  
sings along with the passion.

As I cycle along the way, 
I take in my environment 
enjoying the peaceful breeze. I make a wish for life to be peaceful, for me to do better, and to live a forever-youthful life. 

As I cycle along the way. 

Dumo Kaldick-Jamabo is 18 years old and hails from Nigeria.
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