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Another Ride? Are you Crazy?

May 27, 2020


Another Ride? Are you Crazy?

That is what they say 
Another ride today? 
Didn’t you ride yesterday? 
What is the matter with you? 
They don’t understand 
How the morning sun warms my face  
Feeds my soul, takes the place 
Of all the so-called solutions 
To the problems of the day 
Real or imagined 
All fade away 
Another ride today? 
You bet 
Another ride 

Bill Kernodle was bitten by the music bug early in life, which transitioned into the art of working with the written word and led to a love of the English language.
  1. Bill Kernodle

    thanks for publishing my piece

  • Marcy Lynn

    I love this. So simple, yet descriptive. For a second there I felt like I was on a bike ride. Well done, Bill.

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