Cycling Stories

A Cherished Freedom

May 13, 2020


A Cherished Freedom

A freedom so profound and subtle 
I miss each and every day 
When my hair flew haphazardly 
Every which way 
Caressed ticklish by the air 
Balmy be it winter or summer 
And it made my day 
Every day 
Sublime, I say 
A cherished memory for life 
When my face lit up 
And my heart raced 
With exhiliration and triumph 
Over that bicycle 
Blue in color 
Laughing to the sky 
With no due care 
Utterly unique 
And rare 
That I was a child then 
And now, a woman 

Uruba Nasir is a writer and poet. Her poem, "The Bloody Globe," was published in Songs of Peace: The World's Biggest Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, which is available on Amazon.

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