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5 Tips to Help Cyclists Increase Instagram Followers

February 12, 2020

5 Tips to Help Cyclists Increase Instagram Followers

If you’re a cyclist on Instagram, you may find it challenging to grow followers and target the right audience.

But, the platform is an excellent tool for connecting with fellow riders and keeping up with cycling trends. Also, having a popular page with a lot of followers can lead to success in the real cycling world.

Whether you’re interested in becoming a cycling influencer or promoting your business, the good news is that if you put in the effort, these five tips will help you organically grow your Instagram account and boost your profile’s visibility.

Tip #1: Use Targeted Cycling Hashtags

If you want other cyclists to see your Instagram profile, using relevant hashtags is a great way to get their attention.

When you include hashtags with your pictures and videos, your posts are automatically added to a stream of similar content. Instagram users interested in cycling can then search for, and follow, related hashtags.

Examples of popular hashtags include #cycling and #bikelife, which currently have over 10 million tagged posts, combined. 

Pro Tip: Sites like and can help you quickly identify the most popular cycling-related hashtags.

Although using a popular hashtag might seem like a great way to ensure your post is shared around the world, this isn’t always the case. Why?

The Instagram database is so oversaturated with hashtags like #bikelife that using them actually decreases the chances your target audience will view your content.

So that your posts don’t get lost in the noise, the best hashtags to use are those that are active but aren’t overwhelmingly popular—usually, with 500K or fewer posts. Those like #fromwhereiride, #foreverbuttphotos, and #baaw (bike against a wall) are just a few choices that currently fall within these broad criteria.

Bottom line: When adding hashtags to your Instagram posts, start by thinking about what makes your account special, and avoiding hashtags that already have millions of posts. Then, implement some of the options below:

Traveler & Commuter Hashtags

Some of the most popular cycling Instagram accounts revolve around traveling, commuting, and cyclo-tourism.

These pages often post photos of bikes in scenic locations, or of riders heading to their destination. Selfies of happy travelers cycling while on vacation are common.

If you identify with this community, you should implement hashtags like #bikewander, #outsideisfree, and #roadcycling. For riders who primarily post about cycling to and from work, the hashtag #commuterlyf is an ideal choice.

Foodie Hashtags

Whether you’re fueling up for the day or chowing down after a long ride, Instagram is the perfect place to share your food pictures.

Cycling influencers will often share pictures or videos of themselves enjoying food at a restaurant. Other nutrition-oriented cyclists will post photos of their meals, along with a recipe in the caption.

Hashtags like #bikeforfood, #ridetoeat, and #eattoride are great options to use when appealing to this audience.

Fitness Hashtags

The cycling community is full of fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes. On Instagram, you can embrace this active lifestyle by sharing your routines, routes, and results.

Exercise-oriented bike accounts usually focus on providing helpful tips and motivation. If you want to appeal to this demographic, use hashtags like #rideyourbike, #getoutthere, #whyiride, and #activelifestyle. 

Fashion & Brand Hashtags

Fashion, equipment, and gear are huge aspects of the biking community.

Every cyclist has their favorite, so there are tons of Instagram accounts that focus exclusively on brands. Some pages sell merchandise while others review, test, or endorse them.

If you want to post about your favorite products, try using the brand name as hashtags. Popular examples include #assos, #stravacycling, #attaquer, and #specializedcolombia.

Whether you’re a cycling influencer or sell gear on your business page, using fashion and brand hashtags can drive followers to your website and boost your visibility.

Tip #2: Interact With Other Cycling Accounts

Another effective method for growing your Instagram account is to interact with, and follow, fans of other popular cycling profiles.

When these users receive a notification that you liked their content or followed their account, there’s a high chance that they’ll be drawn to your profile and follow you back. A great way to find these cyclists is to check the comments and likes on popular posts.

Below is a list of 10 Instagram cycling profiles that get a ton of engagement. If you go through their follower list and interact with those accounts, you’ll almost certainly see some growth:

  1. @globalcyclingnetwork
  2. @markcavendish
  3. @bikepackingcom
  4. @loves_road_bikes
  5. @roadbikestudio
  6. @bestbikekit
  7. @canyon
  8. @jillkintner
  9. @petosagan
  10. @pinkbike

The Closa website adds niche accounts like @behindhandlebars, @preferredmode, @ihavethisthingwithbikes, and @sweetrideusa.

It’s essential to keep in mind other Instagram users will only follow you back if they find your page interesting.

Keep reading to find out how to make your account a ‘must-follow’ for other cyclists.

Global Cycling Network is one of the most popular cycling-related accounts on Instagram.

Tip #3: Post Engaging Instagram Stories

Do you have a cycling blog or website to promote?

If so, Instagram stories are a fantastic tool for expanding your reach, growing your account, boosting traffic, increasing engagement, and even generating online sales. They’re an especially effective way to engage with Millennial and Gen Z followers. 

How is an Instagram story different than a regular post? Stories are temporary posts (unless you ‘highlight’ them) that can include images, video, text, audio, or a combination thereof. Their temporary nature makes them perfect for frequently updating followers and giving them unpolished, behind-the-scenes looks, without cluttering up your page.

Instagram’s stories also allow you to deeply engage with your followers through questions, polls, and other interactive features.

A few screenshots of Stories from popular cycling-related Instagram accounts, which often include custom text, music, and other interactive features.

Tip #4: Elevate Your Posts & Captions

The online cycling community is diverse. Therefore, every Instagram profile is unique.

Still, there are some universally appealing elements you should include in your posts and captions that will make your profile look polished, show off your content, entice your audience, and make others want to follow you.

The Rule of Thirds

Whenever you post a picture on Instagram, make sure you use the rule of thirds, which is a photography concept that makes photos more appealing, and therefore more likely to go viral and help you gain followers.

In a nutshell, the rule of thirds states that for the best photo possible, overlay a 3 x 3 grid onto your picture and align your subject within its intersections.

Keeping the Rule of Thirds in mind when posting photos to Instagram can increase their visual appeal and better engage your followers.

Finding Your Voice

When creating posts for your Instagram profile, the most important thing to keep in mind is your “brand’s” image.

Who or what do you represent? Every photo and caption should reflect your essence. Let your unique perspective shine through to your audience.

Also, it’s essential to connect with your followers on a personal level. How? Interacting with accounts you respect by sending them direct messages, and joining chat groups (known as Pods) of likeminded individuals are just a couple of ideas that can get you started.

By celebrating your true self, you’ll attract authentic followers and fans, connect with them on a personal level, and relate with their journey.

Consistent Posting

Posting consistently to your Instagram account is an ultra-important factor when growing your following. Whether you’re a business page, fitness influencer, or casual foodie poster, make sure you upload content regularly.

Most influencers post at least one to two times per day, but the ideal number can vary depending on your niche and audience.

According to Erin at SocialBuddy, “Aim to post on Instagram between one to three times per day. Major brands post an average of 1.5 times per day, so if you aim to follow the same rule, you should do well.”

Still, she emphasizes, “The best amount of posts for your account is the number that you can keep up with consistently.”

Tip #5: Tag Popular Cycling Locations & Attractions

If you want local cyclists to engage with your Instagram posts, geo-tag your location in pictures, which allows anyone looking at that destination to see your content.

There are tons of popular areas across the United States where riders can tag their locations on posts. Currently, the top destinations include:

  • Portland, Oregon
  • Boulder, Colorado
  • New York City, New York
  • San Francisco, California
  • Tucson, Arizona
  • Austin, Texas
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • San Diego, California

Even within these (and other) cities, there are ultra-specific locations you can geo-tag to increase your Instagram post reach.

For example, in Los Angeles, places like Venice Beach, Elysian Park, and Griffith Park are popular destinations for biking. 

Tagging local bike shops and sporting goods stores is another excellent method for introducing your pictures to fellow cyclists.

Portland, Oregon is a popular destination for many Instagram cyclists to tag in their photos.

It’s Time to Get Rolling!

Gaining new Instagram followers can be difficult as a cyclist, as there are several different niches you can to appeal to, including fitness enthusiasts, brand devotees, foodies, and gear junkies.

With so many available, your cycling profile can’t appeal to every rider.

But, this diversity is also exciting, since it presents an opportunity for you to find your audience, build your image, and share your unique online voice. And by following these five tips, you can begin the process today.

What are your tips for cyclists looking to increase their Instagram followers? Join the conversation by leaving your comment below!

Samantha Williams is an avid cyclist and yogi with a passion for fitness. She loves to travel and explore new places. Usually, you can find her relaxing at home with her three cats.
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