Thankful For the Small Stuff

November 28, 2019 Blog 0 Comments

Sunlight, peeking through cloudless skies. Later, sunset. Air dancing across my skin, heart racing, greedy for oxygen. Quads burning, calves tightening; summiting, long draws of water. Strapping on...

No Loitering

November 19, 2019 Blog 0 Comments

You knew your goddamn seat post collar was broken. The final miles of your last ride, you hobbled home, ass slammed, legs like misaligned pistons. You had plenty...


November 15, 2019 Blog 0 Comments

The door swings open. Immaculately engineered bikes, tastefully lit, sit atop their displays. Music, a bit edgy, pipes in from overhead speakers. There’s rubber, of course, but also...

Respecting Your Awesomeness

November 14, 2019 Blog 0 Comments

“Accomplish but do not boast, accomplish without show, accomplish without arrogance, accomplish without grabbing, accomplish without forcing.” ― Lao Tzu This. Goddamn. Hill. Sucks. All of it: Its serpentine...

Lessons in Flow

November 13, 2019 Blog 2 Comments

Branches, bare after late-October winds, no longer shade the waving grasses tickling their trunk. Camouflaged by an amber fusion of chestnut, chocolate, and cinnamon, a chipmunk at its...

To Be Unsure You’ll Succeed

November 11, 2019 Blog 0 Comments

"Digging really—really—deep unearths gems about ourselves that we never knew existed." Underneath, all was well. On the other side of the quilt, though, biting coldness awaited amidst a...


October 31, 2019 Blog 0 Comments

Sometimes, it’s the weather: blue skies beckon, but the freshly laid six-inch layer of snow disagrees. Other times, it's preparing for an ultra-important board meeting or sticking with...


October 30, 2019 Blog 0 Comments

This magnificent boulder, perched atop a craggy peak and overlooking the valley below, was once a vision to behold. Today, after thousands of years spent enduring high-altitude sun,...


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